Fredrik Lundin

Voice Control are: Trinelise Væring, Tine Refsgaard, Ania Rybacka and Jullie Hjetland – vocals, Emma Kragh-Elmøe – violin, Mads Kjøller-Henningsen – hurdy gurdy, bagpibes, and flute, Fredrik Lundin – saxes and bass flute, Joel Illerhag – bazantar, Jesper Uno Kofoed and Anders Provis – drums.

Words and music by Fredrik Lundin and Trinelise Væring.

Recorded live at Mandagsklubben at 5e October 2017. The sound on this recording isn’t much, but I hope you get the idea, that this was a great evening ! This was the debut of this band, which was one of three new bands, playing new music, that I presented at 5e, while being artist in residence at Mandagsklubben in October 2017. Should you be interested in listening to the music of the other two bands, check out “Fredrik Lundin Loud” and “Open Source”.