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“Tine Refsgaard” by Tine Refsgaard 2009 iTunes

“En del af det hele” by Tine Refsgaard & TILT 2006 iTunes

“Originalen” by Tine Refsgaard & TILT 2003 iTunes


“MOLD” by Vokalselskabet GLAS 2015 iTunes

“Wisdom Of Birds” by Vokalselskabet GLAS 2012 iTunes

“KOPIRIN” by Vokalselskabet GLAS 2010 iTunes


“OPUS” by Afenginn fest. Vokalselskabet GLAS 2016 iTunes


“Music In Favor” by Music In Favor feat. various artists 2017 iTunes


“Reaching Out” by John Sund & Acoustic Sense feat. GLAS 2012 iTunes


“Epiphanies of Grandeur” by Persona feat. GLAS 2012 iTunes 


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